Earrings and metal dress shot by Noémie Lacote. Model: Jun Ashford-Brown. Styling: Julie Simoneau. Makeup: Laurette Darnault.

DANITSA wearing my metallic belt at Estivale Open Air - Tataki. Shot by Danaktiv

Earrings, headpiece and 2.0 digital leopard jumpsuit shot by Elisa Ribeiro for GARAGISME Issue 8. Creative director and model: Tara Nour. Makeup: Chaïm Vischel and Maé Willis.

Earrings, accessories, shoes (w/ Vandag Studio) and 2.0 digital leopard jumpsuit shot by Margaux Corda. Model: Tianyi Lin. Makeup: Juliette Lamy.

Temple Magazine

Dresses, jackets, jumpsuit, metal, shoes (w/ Vandag Studio) and accessories shot by Margaux Salarino for Temple Magazine. With: Eva. Stylist: Samuel Bardaji.

PAP presents "Surgentomology"

Metal dress, earrings and headpiece in "Surgentomology" by PAP MAGAZINE. Stylist: Charline Prat. Makeup: Louisa Trapier. Hair: Miwa Moroki. Set: Antoine Meffre Chol. Retouching: Maison Moiré.

Vegetal dress, metal dress, shoes (w/ Vandag Studio) and accessories curated by Silvia Calva for Metal Magazine. Photo: Francisco Fernades and Federico Magadan. Model: Hillary Joscon.

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