SARAH BOUNAB is a slow fashion brand based in Switzerland and defending a modern vision of luxury and elegance.

Adaptable to all occasions, the designs redefine what eveningwear means in a wardrobe. It's an invitation to a futuristic, glamorous utopia, to a neo-disco fairytale inspired by the extravagance and hedonism of the Studio 54 years.
The avant-garde jewelry garments are made from recycled materials, complemented by a strict zero waste policy.

While confronting new technologies with traditional techniques, she celebrates the making of exceptional garments with a strong commitment to detail, tailoring and finishing. Her approach to fashion, rooted in respect for craftsmanship, silhouette construction and materials, echoes the brand's sentimental history.
As a child, she was introduced to the craft by her grandfather, a tailor who went on to travel the world as a pattern-making consultant for major fashion houses.

After a Bachelor's and Master's degree at HEAD Geneva, she launched a perfume as part of the FIRMENICH prize, then created her namesake label.
The annual MODE SUISSE event hosted the brand's debut show in 2022, with a praised collection that showcased her unique vision of contemporary womenswear.


All the leather skins come from leatherworkers' damaged, soiled or badly cut scraps.
These leathers are recycled using multi-cutting techniques.
While the color and material remain identical, the shade of the leather can vary slightly from one piece to another.
All leather scraps from production are reused as patchwork for other garments or accessories.


The aluminum is sourced in Switzerland, recycled if necessary through partnerships based in Geneva, cut, processed and professionally polished.
All aluminum scraps from the collection are reused for other garments or to make accessories.

Others materials

The wool comes from a partnership with a Swiss company that supplies 100% organic wool whose origin is traceable.
The vegetable peelings and tops used for the vegetable dye come from a partnership with a Geneva-based food company, which only uses products from Swiss farms.
Cotton, silk and other fabrics are selected from stock clearance stores.